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Every Business Deserves In House Counsel

Flat Rate Law Provides Legal Services as You Need Them 

Small businesses want services they can rely on for prices they can afford. Flat Rate Law is here to provide that. For a fixed rate we provide you the advice and counsel you need as you need them. 

Unlike Legal Shield Services, Flat Rate Law provides you with an ongoing relationship to a single advisor who cares about your business and will get to know you as a client. All our plans include daily e-mail correspondence as needed, with additional services available.

In addition, Flat Rate Law can provide one-off and subscription compliance review, safety and liability inspection, counsel, and training services to keep your business up to date and help reduce your chance of liability, injury, or litigation.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors


Legal Advice

We provide skilled advice and answers to your legal questions.


Document Drafting

We can help in drafting documents such as leases, contracts, agreements, or even correspondence to assist your business.


Personalized Legal Services

Businesses need customized legal services so we can do meetings on-line, by phone, at a job-site, place of business, or over coffee as best fits your company's needs.


Problem Solving

When another lawyer might just say "No!" we see it as our job to say, "How about...?"

We will always try to find alternatives and solutions that work within the law and what is permissive to help you achieve your goals.



Hourly Billing

Hourly billing at tenth hour intervals. Standard for the industry. 


Flat Rate

You pay for the job, A single price gets it done


Monthly Plans

Like a salary for the service provider. A set monthly rate guarantees the level of service you need when you need it.


Subscription Services

Whether it's routine compliance reviews, periodic safety audits, or quarterly sexual harassment training our subscription services let you plan ahead to know you'll be covered


Mechanic's Style Billing

Pay for an extended consultation to help determine the services you need and that consultation fee can be credited toward the price of flat-rate services.

Billing Options

I don't care about the standards of the industry. I care about making sure my clients get treated the way they deserve.

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