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01. Legal Advice

Legal Advice and Guidance

Everyone has times when they need legal advice. Perhaps you want to know about how a new labor law affects you, or maybe you have concerns about a compliance issue. Whether it's about risk management or determining the best means of complying with a contractual obligation, we can help with advice and guidance catered to the needs and realities of your business and industry while also advising on risks of litigation, suit, or government action.

Our attorneys get to know you and your industry and will help to find legally compliant solutions to your compliance issues.

Litigation Supervision and Oversight

Artists & Performers

Prior to starting the firm, Cassady spent over ten years working in production and arts as a lighting designer. He has also worked in film production, and written pieces for publication. So, he has some understanding of the pressures of the world of a working artist.

We work with arts and education non-profits because we believe that arts and culture are as critical to the world as science and engineering.

And that is why we fight for all our clients to make sure that they get everything that is due to them and that they aren't taken advantage of, and that their contributions to society are appreciated.

Did you know that if you are subject of a lawsuit and your insurance company has a conflict of interest, your insurance company is legally required to provide independent counsel to monitor and see to your defense. Insurance-provided counsel often has your best interests at heart and owes you an ethical duty. But they are hired by the insurance company and an insurance company who thinks they're doing a bad job stops sending them cases. I'll always be your attorney, I'll always work for you, and if you have concerns I can always look over your shoulder and watch to make sure your interests are being protected.

I used to work in that world. I've settled a lot of those cases, I pride myself on knowing that I have always honored my ethical duties to put my clients first.


We Have a Plan to For Any Business

Call To Discuss Your Needs

We know every business is different and we wouldn't expect you to each want the same employment manual, have the same floor plan, or maintain the same inventory. Why does every lawyer expect you to all pay the same way?

With the option of traditional billing structures, a monthly or annual "insurance" model, subscription services to cover specific tasks, or one-off flat rate services, we can find the method that fits your business and your pocketbook.

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