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03. Personalized Legal Services


One of the preferred ways of assuring transparency and lack of bias in disciplinary and sexual harassment investigations is to hire an outside firm to do the investigations. We have experience with such matters, and can perform investigations with discretion, empathy, and respect for victims and the accused alike. Our staff have years of experience in discrimination litigation and understand the cases arising from such matters inside and out. We have both performed and reviewed these investigations more times than you want to think about 

We can also perform background investigations, or assist with finding out the reliability or trustworthiness of a prospective business partner, venture, or endeavor. Between our staff and network of contractors we can perform anything from basic inspections and examinations to hiring and employing complex forensic analysis to break down whether a sample is what it claims

and a person is doing what the say they are doing.

Solutions Where you Need Them

We know that as a business owner you don't have time to come to us, so we can meet in whatever way is most convenient for you. If you prefer phone, facetime, or google meet we can do any of those, and if we need to meet in person, The Law Offices of Cassady Toles comes to you. 

We don't charge for travel in the local area during non-rush hour, so you can rest assured that our meetings are for your convenience and best interests. We can meet on a job site, at your work place or office, or over lunch or coffee if that's your preference. 

Finding Solutions that Fit

If you need assistance that isn't discussed on our site, we can assist you or refer you to another firm that does. We have contacts throughout several practice areas and in all 50 states. We may not be the firm that can help our clients in every situation, and we don't believe in stepping into situations that are beyond our competence. 

But we have friends and allies, and we will gladly lean on, introduce you to, or refer you to the right one of them to fit your needs.

Having a Lawyer Shouldn't Be a Privilege

Call The Law Offices of Cassady Toles

We know every business is different and that is why we have so many different ways to get you the legal services you need. Take a look at our billing options and services and give us a call. We can find a plan that fits your business. 

Ask about our hourly service discounts for subscription service members.

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