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03. Monthly Plans

Why We're Different

Here at the Law Offices of Cassady Toles, we offer you the chance to do something most firms don't, just hire your own version of in-house counsel. For a low flat rate, you have access to our staff and resources without needing to worry about six minute intervals of time. 

Never again will you have to consider whether it's worth paying for advice from your attorney. Never again do you have to balance the cost of advice from the benefits of getting it. And if you need services outside of your regular service package, every monthly customer package comes with a discount on hourly or flat rate services.

Your corporate landlord, your bank, and the IRS don't have to pay by the hour every time they ask their attorney for a little help with a compliance issue. You shouldn't have to either.

Check Out Our Available Service Tiers

With specialty tiers and custom tiers available we have a tier designed for you:



































n a custom plan designed to suit your business.


Isn't it Time We Leveled the Field?

You Deserve a Good Lawyer

Let's face it, the world isn't fair, and the rules aren't clear, and, unfortunately, small businesses can't afford to pay exhorbant hourly fees every time they have a question, nor can they afford to pay the high salaries than in-house counsel requires.

So we're doing something different. At the Law Offices of Cassady Toles, we've come up with a system where you can keep a source of assistance and advice available when and how you need it without having to pay for every e-mail and phone call one at a time. 

Wouldn't it be great to be able to just call a lawyer when you need one and not worry about how many minutes it's going to take? With our monthly plans, you can.

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