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04. Subscription Services

If You Know You'll Have to Keep Coming Back...

Whether it's periodic harassment prevention training, or background checks to prevent fraud, some services you know will keep coming up, and if you can pay your cable, cell phone, or streaming service for unlimited access, why can't you pay your lawyer?

Well, at the Law Offices of Cassady Toles, sometimes you can.

Obviously Not Every Service Can Be a Subscription...

Lawsuits and legal briefs have too many moving parts for the subscription model to make sense, but if you know you're going to run ten background checks a month give or take, or you know you'll need to keep your employees compliant with the training requirements for California Labor Code regarding sexual harassment prevention, or if you want to have an independent safety inspection every two months, there is no reason those services couldn't be arranged once, billed periodically, and you'll know that your needs will be provided for. 

Sample subscription services include:

-Emergency Point of Contact Service: Should something go wrong and you contact us, our staff can notify the person or persons you have pre-selected based upon the circumstances or requests previously arranged.

-Workplace Conduct Training: The Law Offices schedule and hold quarterly California State Compliant Workplace Conduct and Harassment prevention trainings available in person or on-line. Contact us for the schedule of the next one. Trainings can be arranged at a location or schedule of your choice at additional cost.
-Background checks
-Periodic Inspections

-Periodic Compliance Audits/Reviews

-Much much more.


Innovative Ideas

Isn't it Time you Had a Lawyer As Original as You Are?

Every day you work to come up with new ideas. You try to develop new ways to grow your business and serve your clients. And yet, the only major innovation attorneys have come up with is to bill in tenths of an hour instead of fifteen-minute blocks. 

At the Law Offices of Cassady Toles, we think that the law can be something different and we think that a law firm can be something different. 

Together we can do great things.

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