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02. Flat Rate

Predictable Single Service

Sometimes you don't need an extended service. You want me to get something specific done for you, then say, "Thank you," and go on. In those cases, flat rate billing may be the appropriate model for your services.  Our flexible options mean that we can perform services for a fixed rate. We sign a specific limited services agreement, you pay for the services you want performed, and we complete the work. 

This model is particularly appropriate for tasks which are singular and specific in nature such as document drafting or consultations on a specific issue, but we can negotiate flat rate pricing on any task you like. Additionally, if you are a subscription or monthly rate client, we can lock in a flat rate for specific service you intend to use repeatedly such as background checks, opinion letters, or document reviews. 

Documents Drafting, Reviews, and Memoranda

Sometimes what really matters is predictability, and flat rates guarantee predictability. We can set a rate that you know we will complete your task in. 

So call us today, whatever your needs, we can find a pricing method that fits your needs and makes sense for your circumstances.


Your Best Interest is Our Ethical Obligation

We Put You First

Sometimes flat rate pricing is in our best interest, but not yours. If we think that's the case, we'll tell you that we think hourly is a better deal, and the reason why. 

It will always be our goal to find a legal plan that works for you.

Because a plan that isn't in your best interests isn't in ours.

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