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01. Traditional Billing Plans

Hourly Billing

The beauty of our small firm model is this: We keep keep our operating costs minimal, we keep our non-billing staff to a minimum as-needed basis, and we do as much electronically as possible. We pass these savings on to you. Our billing rates are competitive and designed to fit the needs of small businesses and start-ups alike. 

White-shoe firms can bill over $1,200 per hour to hand your tasks over to a freshly minted attorney just out of law school. We can handle all your needs with veteran counsel for one third or less depending on your specialty area.  

Billing Policies

We do not charge for initial telephone or video consultations, though will charge a nominal flat-rate fee for in person initial consultations to cover the time and expenses consumed with travel.

In our practice of going to your business we don't bill for the first half-hour of travel in each direction or for any travel in Alameda and San Francisco Counties regardless of time consumed. Further, we will disclose any anticipated billing for travel and if there is some unexpected delay during travel to a meeting we will contact you and provide you with the opportunity to cancel the meeting free of charge or change to an alternative meeting method such as by phone or video chat.

We offer scheduled workplace harassment prevention trainings at your place of business based on the time-consumed to teach the classes, not on the number of persons attending. We can provide instruction for staff and management in a four hour block at your place of business for $1,000. Video instruction can also be arranged.  Discount rates are available for persons attending scheduled video instruction classes. See our calendar for details.


Quality Assistance for Reasonable Rates

You Don't Waste Your Money and Neither Do We

Every time you see a lawyer's office with that set of shelves containing a law library, that tells you one thing: That lawyer spent thousands of dollars on books that no one ever opens. 

We don't spend my money on things we don't use because we don't want to spend your money on things you don't need. Working the way we do lets us do things the way they should be done: Serving our clients is our primary goal.

If it means we don't have a photo of Mr. Toles in front of the California Law Recorders, I hope you can forgive us, we simply chose to prioritize having all the resources that matter on hand when you need them at a price that didn't break the bank.

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