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05. Mechanic's Style Pricing

Flat Rate Billing For People Who Don't Quite Know Their Needs

Sometimes, you need to talk to an attorney before you know exactly what you're going to need. Maybe you want to form a new company, but you don't know if a corporation or an LLC is right for you. Maybe you aren't sure if you need to have someone draft a new Privacy Statement or you just need to get your old one reviewed and edited. Perhaps you're involved in contract negotiations and you just want some tips, but you can't decide the level of assistance you're going to need. Maybe it would be nice to get some advice before you decide what level of service you're going to need. 

If that's where you are, then Mechanic's Style Pricing may be exactly what you need. Here at the Law Offices of Cassady Toles, we realized that sometimes you need to talk to an expert before you really know what you need the expert to do. But talking to the expert also helps the expert provide for your needs. When that's the case, why are you paying someone twice for that time? That doesn't seem fair. So we thought about other ways of doing business and we realized that there are already professionals that do the same thing: Mechanics.

When you hire a mechanic for a diagnostic, you pay them, but that cost is counted towards the cost of any maintenance you recieve, so we do the same thing at our offices. If you pay for a consultation, but decide at the time of that consultation that you want additional services, we will credit the cost of the consultation towards any flat-rate services you choose to retain. That just seems fair to us.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Assistance

Yes, an extended consultation may not always be free, but that's because an extended consultation may be all you need. And if it isn't, that consultation won't necessarily have to cost you a thing, because we can credit that consultation towards any other services you obtain on a flat-rate basis.


Your business deserves quality services at prices it can understand and predict with total transparency. You get those from your mechanic.

Shouldn't you get them from your lawyer? 


The Services You Need At Prices that Make Sense

We Don't Hard Sell,
We Hard Serve

We believe that legal services are just that, services, and that the legal industry is ultimately a service industry, and we will do our utmost to make sure that when you leave you believe we earned every dollar you paid us.

Because that's what "Service" should mean.

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