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Practice Areas

As a full-service, general practice business law firm we do a number of different kinds of practice in a number of areas of law. Our experts are always willing to discuss their areas of specialization and work with you to assist you in solving your problems and achieving your goals


Whether you need something drafted, reviewed, negotiated, or simply want help understanding the fine print before you sign something, our attorneys are here to help. With over eight years of experience, we can turn opaque legalese into plain language and draft contracts that someone with no legal training can understand.

Corporate Law

Whether you need someone to assist you with forming a corporation, amending your articles of incorporation, updating your bylaws, or someone who can assist you with a question on corporate governance, our staff are here to help. Whether you're a small business, a startup, or a not for profit, we treat every corporate entity, like a Fortune 500.

Disability Law

Disability Law is both established and emergent. While the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for over twenty years, its effect on business is still evolving. It can regulate everything from the width of your doorframes to the way people can interact with your website. We may be one of the foremost authorities on disability access and videogames in the nation. Call us if you'd like to discuss any compliance, training, or sensitivity issues.

Privacy Law

Modern privacy law is a moving target and anyone claiming to be an expert is probably wagging their lips. But we keep our ears to the ground and our eyes open. If you want someone to draft you a compliant privacy policy for your website or app, or you need someone to discuss what best practices are, we're here to help. Call for a consultation.

Employment Law

We have years of experience in both litigation and transactional employment matters. We understand the difference between "enforceable" employment policies and employment policies that won't get you sued. We understand the difference between best practices and merely compliant ones. Our team can do everything from drafting your employment polices to setting up your periodic anti-sexual harassment trainings, to helping you make sure that you have a positive corporate culture that makes workers feel protected and safe.

Other Practice Areas


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