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Practice Areas

As a Full Service Law Firm. We offer a number of practice areas, and where we don't, we offer free referrals and will assist you in finding competent counsel who do what we don't. We believe in solving problems first, and worrying about who gets the credit later.

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Corporate and Business Law

Whether you want to form a corporation or LLC, or you just want advice on compliance issues, we can assist you in any matters regarding your business. Or ask us about our "outside inside counsel" services where we provide guaranteed availability to your business for a flat rate per month. Never worry about not having legal support again.

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Technology Transactions

Whether you want someone to draft a SAAS sales contract, or you need someone to review, revise, or draft an Equity Sharing, Phantom Stock, or other incentive plan, or if you want advice and counsel about a convertable note or a SAFE, we are experienced tech lawyers with offices in Silicon Valley and clients throughout California and in two other countries..

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Disability Law

Disability Law is both established and emergent. The ADA has been with us for almost three decades, and yet, new law, and new sources of issues are still arising. Many companies still do not have ADA compliant websites and storefronts. 

An emergent area of law sits on the horizon where video games and entertainment meet ADA accessibility. Modern streaming services and the ease by which video games can be updated mean that the Netflix decision could be applied to not only the sites containing the media, and the ability to purchase entertainment, but the entertainment itself.  In light of how few attorneys have any knowledge of this area, we have taken it upon ourselves to look not only at the present, but the future as well. Call us to discuss.

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Employment Law

Mr. Toles is an experienced employment litigator who tried multiple cases, represented clients before in all manner of employment issues including class actions and workers compensation issues. He has been published regarding employee handbooks, and quoted by Forbes regarding Federal Employment Law. He teaches classes on avoiding a hostile work environment and preventing sexual harassment. His classes satisfy the requirements of the California Labor Code and are available on line on a subscription model.

Whether you need an employee handbook, a Stock Option Plan drafted, or an employment contract reviewed, we can help. You want an attorney who understands the difference between mere compliance and best practices. Call us to meet some.

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Contract Law

Whether you want something drafted or just want something reviewed, we draft everything from leases to complex employment related paperwork and business stock and asset sales transactions.

We specialize in rendering the confusing clear and making the opaque transparent. We strive to do so not merely when explaining a contract to you, but when drafting and/or negotiating and redlining one as well.

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Government Regulations

Privacy regulations are getting more confusing, changing from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and getting more difficult, and a CIPP from three years ago isn't testing you on what the law is now. We don't have certifications, but we keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the horizon. 

We also watch regulations for myriad other emergent fields: do you want an opinion about the unintended consequences of Tonga's decision to accept Cryptocurrency as legal tender (it's not all good for crypto)? Or maybe you want advice about the future of NFT's? 

We're near Silicon Valley and a lot of our clients are the people who develop and serve these communities. We keep our fingers on these pulses, and we want to use our insight to serve you.

"Cassady offers clear and actionable feedback, and has done a great job at providing it in a timely and understandable way, giving me the confidence to move forward with my business without needing to worry about its legal foundations. I hope to work with Cassady again in the future!"

-Ben Q. Founder

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