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Disability Law

Know the law and prepare for what is to come.

Accessible Parking Space
Accessible Parking Space

Compliance Review

We do top-down compliance review, everything from assisting with website compliance to physical location compliance with ADA. We also can work with you on ableist language in employee handbooks, reasonable accommodations, making sure trainings and information are available to persons with disabilities, and anything else you need to avoid unwanted liability or violations.

Best Practices

Sometimes, lawsuits can happen even if you're complying with laws and regulations. Disability law expands just as much because someone sues to expand law as due to legislative action. Our attorneys can assist you with an eye forward to emergent trends, developments in technology, and patterns in law that might lead to the future of disability rights and your responsibility to accomodate.

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Cutting Edge Trends

When we see an emergent field, we look for experts we can talk to, and if we can't find legal experts, we do our best to become them. We are breaking ground in developing legal theories about future trends for video games and media to help our clients protect their assets and open new and emergent markets. 

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